Web Horror Story


Stefano is a young blogger interested in investigating the existence of paranormal phenomena. Intrigued by the history of an abandoned mansion, he decides to venture inside. Soon his stubborn search will be rewarded with the manifestation of something dark that hides inside that house. It won the award for Best Director at the Los Angeles Web Fest 2015 and it was nominated for Best Cinematography at the Baja Web Fest 2015. It won the award of Best Directed Horror, Best Horror series, Best Horror Screenplay, Best Horror Scene and Best Horror poster at the Rome Web Awards 2015, it was also nominated for Best Horror Cinematography, Best Horror Editing, Best Horror Actor, Best Horror Actress, Best Horror Supporting Actress, Best Horror Cast, Best Horror Trailer, Best Villain, Best Gore Creation and Best Dramatic Scene. It won the award to best opening credits at the Bilbao Web fest 2015 and it was nominated as well for Best Web Series, and Best Sci-fi/horror/fantasy, Best Lead Actor and Best Innovativa Technique Narrative. It was also official Selection at the Campi Flegrei Web Series Fest 2014, Tohorror Film Fest 2014 and the Rio Web Fest 2015.

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