Run Away


RUN AWAY is one of the most awarded web serie of the world. Jonathan wakes up on a deserted island where nothing seems to make much sense, as if everything would be part of a dream. This illusion will soon reveal to be a nightmare, in which this young man is not alone. This web series of Italian origin, received awards for Best Series, Best Directing, Best Cinematography, Best Editing and Best Sound Design at the LA Web fest 2014. It also won awards for Best Horror Thriller, Best Directing, Best Cinematography, Best Soundtrack, Best Audio Editing , Best Support Actor and Best Dramatic Scene at the Rome Web Fest. Best Web Serie on the Why So Serious Fest and it won the award of the Public Choice at the AIFF. It has also been an official selection of Cinemaclick, Miami Web Fest, Tolfa Film Festival, Vancouver Web Fest, Frevarcom Web Fest, Pixel Expo, 4 Giornate of Cinema Di Napoli 2014 and was nominated as Best Web Serie at the Rome Web Awards 2014.

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